Annapolis: A Tale of Two Cities

There are two sides to Annapolis and they do not often meet. There is this great historic sailing capital with restaurants, clubs, boutiques, and gardens. Then there is the desolate places with homeless, unemployed, hungry, and addicted people. We Care and Friends is the bridge between the two. Many people realize their good fortune and want to give back to the community but do not know where or how. You can impact people’s daily lives with something as small as a bag lunch packed by a group of supporters to finding housing for homeless families to offering someone a job who wants a second chance.

There are also times when our clients cross over into the other city. Our clients include doctors who have become addicted to drugs and lost everything including their job, home and family. They also include the people who have multiple jobs to support the family but do not have enough money  to live anywhere else but a tent or their car. The blessing we see is when we can connect clients with the resources they need through government agencies or private donations of food, clothing, and money.

Nonprofit Leader Finds Redemption in Charity Work