Mentoring Youth

Communicating Self Esteem and, Value.

Kids who are at risk both socially and academically benefit from a positive role model in their lives. The kids could be struggling with issues with their families, at school, with their peers or in their communities. We Care and Friends wants to take this opportunity to improve their self-esteem, ability to communicate, and decision-making skills.

We Care and Friends has many avenues to mentor local youth:

  • School on the Water is a full year mentoring and tutoring program for kids 7-16 years old
  • Job Training for work and personal skills to prepare the kids for employment

Ultimately, the kids participating in We Care and Friends youth programs are able to:

  • improve their respect for themselves and others
  • make themselves better citizens, family members, and students
  • improve their social, behavioral, and academic skills

If you are interested in joining our movement as a participant, mentor or donor, contact us at 410-263-2874 or email