Annapolis: A Tale of Two Cities

There are two sides to Annapolis and they do not often meet. There is this great historic sailing capital with restaurants, clubs, boutiques, and gardens. Then there is the desolate places with homeless, unemployed, hungry, and addicted people. We Care and Friends is the bridge between the two. Many people realize their good fortune and want to give back to the community but do not know where or how. You can impact people’s daily lives with something as small as a bag lunch packed by a group of supporters to finding housing for homeless families to offering someone a job who wants a second chance.

There are also times when our clients cross over into the other city. Our clients include doctors who have become addicted to drugs and lost everything including their job, home and family. They also include the people who have multiple jobs to support the family but do not have enough money  to live anywhere else but a tent or their car. The blessing we see is when we can connect clients with the resources they need through government agencies or private donations of food, clothing, and money.

Nonprofit Leader Finds Redemption in Charity Work

School on the Water Field Trip to Adkins Aboretum

Adkins Aboretum

Sponsor a Trip for the Kids

Larry Griffin started the School on the Water camp five years ago to make sure that these local Annapolis kids would not fall through the cracks in society. The campers come three days a week for free to experience trips outside of Annapolis, time on the Chesapeake Bay and, this year, interactions with artists at Maryland Hall. We have kids that have been with us from the beginning embracing the mentoring of our crew.

On August 6, the Adkins Arboretum will have the kids come to learn about local streams and forests. Adkins Arboretum is a 400-acre native garden and preserve on Maryland’s Eastern Shore dedicated to promoting the appreciation and conservation of the region’s native plants. The Adkins team is enthusiastic about having our crew and making special accommodations for their trip.

Please make a donation for the Adkins Aboretum trip through our website to help the kids with transportation, lunch, and admission. For $500, we can cover the cost of the day for 35 campers and 7 counselors for an adventure outside of Annapolis. You can send $10 or $100 as each trip will incur different costs.

Ramping Up for Kid’s Summer Program

Thomas Point
Chesapeake Bay is waiting for our campers

Create big change for a small price by supporting our School on the Water camp through your donations.

The camp is free for up to 35 campers ages 7-16  coming back year after year for mentoring, tutoring, unique trips, and boating on the Chesapeake Bay. We have seen huge progress in kids struggling socially and academically who have gained confidence through building relationships, earning honor roll, and learning  job skills.

Current Funding Needs for the Campers can be submitted through Donations online or by check: 

  • Bus transportation for trips
  • Lunches
  • Swim suits and shoes
  • Museum admission costs
  • School supplies
  • Environmental science expedition with the Sultana in Chestertown, Maryland

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A Small Act Can Change a Life…How Can You Make an Impact?

We still have a ways to go to accomplish being judged by the content of our character alone. We Care and Friends is supporting people everyday who are looking for resources to improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones. It ranges from finding a job, home, and counseling to groceries, clothes, and transportation.

The part we love the most is when a successful client walks through our door and asks how they can help now that they are on their own two feet.  It is why Larry Griffin started We Care and Friends after 28 years as a drug addict and two years homeless. He was blessed to change his life around and wanted to help other people on their way.

Sometimes, we have clients who are still struggling but know that helping others will connect them to the community and just plain feel good. We even have one supporter that has a very limited income and mobility who committed $12 a month through our donation site because she believes in the work we do to support the community.

You should consider donating your time and resources in your community or ours and see how your small act can change a life.