We Care and Friends is dedicated to supporting the building blocks to create strong families and communities in areas affected by drugs, poverty, and crime in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, Maryland.


Dedication and Devotion to the Community

Larry Griffin, Director of We Care and Friends, understands his clients and their challenges. He was a drug addict for 28 years and homeless for two years in Annapolis. By 1987, Larry was drug free and so thankful for the change in his life.

In 1990, Larry Griffin recognized how deeply Annapolis and Anne Arundel County citizens and families were affected by drugs, poverty and crime in the area. He saw that change could be brought about by building a strong, continuous family structure. To achieve this, he realized the community needed more positive activities and an increased awareness of local resources.

Larry grew up in Eastport and has lived in the City of Annapolis for over 50 years. He is well known for his community support and accomplishments. We Care and Friends’ success can be attributed to the support of various members of the City Council and State Legislature, local businesses and community activists, as well as the work of hundreds of volunteers. Larry has honored with multiple awards for his dedication and commitment to building the community through individuals, families, and groups.

We Care and Friends has grown to multiple staff members who share their time to serve as counselors and community supporters. They start their work in the streets where people live and the positive impact continues to spread.

If you are interested in joining our programs as a participant, mentor or donor, contact us at 410-263-2874 or email larry@wecareandfriends.org.