21 July, 2021



We Care and Friends Creating Sustainable Communities.

The We Care and Friends Sustainable Community Economic Development Project

  1. Local Job Creation
  2. Local Business Creation
  3. Local Business Support
  4. Sponsor Support
  • As we handle issues of each community, we will hire help from within that community. Our community outreach methods are proven to work and can be adjusted to any area.
  • Our financial literacy and entrepreneurship assistance provides us with the resources to create small local businesses in and around each community. This creates jobs and local business revenue. With additional revenue and family income, the community can support the local business’ growth and begin to show prosperity
  • As a financial contributor to this world-changing initiative, We Care and Friends will hold fundraising events at your business or on your behalf at full price, in support of our supporters. 
  • We understand that it takes equal support to achieve total sustainability.


Community Days

We Care and Friends has started to expand into more communities.

  • Eastport Community Center: Every Wednesday and Friday, We Care and Friends will be handing out food and beverages.
  • Annapolis Gardens and Stanton Center: Monday through Friday We Care provides connection and support to the kids and communities
  • Robinwood and New Town: Weekly visits to offer food and beverages and counseling support.
  • https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=AP5VBNV5CGXRG